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TV appearances, videos from China, nifty slideshows, close-up of balloon carts, more TV Appearances, and MORE! They are hosted on youtube or vimeo, so you can easily share them with your friends.

Todd on the AOL series "Profession to Passion"
Todd on the AOL series “Profession to Passion
SpongeBob Squarepants
Birthday Party Preview
Birthday Party Trailer
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Preview
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Trailer

Todd & Randy on Dina's Party
Dina’s Party
TBC Balloon Slideshow
TBC Balloon Slideshow
Todd on Letterman
Todd on Letterman
Balloon President Obama
Balloon Obama

Todd's appearance on "Whatever With Jennifer and Alexis"
Todd on “Whatever”
Twisting Balloons in China
Twisting in China
Tawney Bubbles on K-VBC
K-VBC in Las Vegas
Fun balloon pics
Fun Balloon Pics
Todd on CBS "Early Show"
CBS “Early Show”
Twistin' Todd on WPIX
Twistin’ Todd on WPIX
Todd at NSA (NYC chapter)
Todd at NSA-NYC
Balloon Howard Stern on The Tyra Show
The Tyra Show
Twisting Balloons on "The Today Show"
“The Today Show”
Airigami goes to Hong Kong
Airigami in Hong Kong
Tawney's Fashion Show
Tawney’s Fashion Show
Twistin' Todd at a holiday party
Holiday Party