Mistress B’s Latex Lounge

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“If Bozo the Clown and Marlene Dietrich had a baby, this would be that baby’s show!”

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Mistress B’s Latex Lounge is a quirky mélange of circus, burlesque, and cabaret filled with comedy, music, audience participation, and rubber, rubber, rubber.  This 55-minute escape into Mistress B’s ridiculous world features: music, wit, inflatables, original songs, a contests, and a group sing-along. This sexy, silly, yet intelligent evening is sure to bring a smile to even the most puritanical audience member.  Mistress B’s Latex Lounge can be scaled to fill a large theatre or an intimate cabaret room.

Mistress B is also available as a roving performer.  She delightfully mixes mingles and is just fabulous.  Invite her to your next soirée and be the toast of the town!

About | Video | Testimonials

Show Highlights

About | Video | Testimonials

Love for the Mistress

Mistress B self-portrait

“My customers go wild over Mistress B’s sexy demeanor, her magical balloon-inflating nipple, and her dirty, twisted creations. We love having her here! Wherever Mistress B blows, it’s a party.” — Yvonne Lame, Owner, Lips Restaurant “The Ultimate in Drag Dining”

“. . . an amazing balloon show by [Mistress B], whose rubber-and-helium creations are terrible to behold and even more terrible to have thrown at you (it helps that she’s singing Stephen Sondheim’s “I Never Do Anything Twice” . . . as she inflates yet another pink, tumescent — well, you can guess). — Variety

“. . . Mistress B made erotic balloons with her nipple pump and threw them at the audience while singing a Sondheim song. That was killer.” — Michael Musto, The Village Voice

“You were the hit of my birthday party. I had everyone from Orthodox Jewish people to rock&rollers to gay friends and they all responded favorably. People can’t stop talking about you. Thank you from the bottom of my handcuffs!” — Jen, the Guitar Girl

Mistress B on David Tutera's Celebrations“Thank you so much for your amazing services last night! You absolutely made the party. It was hard for my guests to grow too serious, and even harder for them to avoid creative play. And with this uptight bunch of high school librarians, that’s saying something!” — Anne, hostess, 50th birthday party

“You were AMAZING!!!!!!! You’re the talk of Greenwich. Everyone is still talking about how talented and entertaining you were. We’re so glad you could come. Thanks for putting on such a wonderful show!!!! “ — Michael & Stewart, hosts of their dog’s “Bark-Mitzvah”, an animal rights fundraiser in Greenwich, CT

About | Video | Testimonials

Caveat: We know that your little darlings will certainly love her, however, Mistress B’s Latex Lounge is only appropriate for adult audiences (currently 18+)