The Ballooniac Show

The Ballooniac

The Ballooniac Show

“the Michelangelo of the balloon contortionists”. – Spike and Satchel Lee, Director and Daughter

“The Ballooniac … really does go crazy with balloons. He twists and turns them into all kinds of creations ” – NY Times

Meet The Ballooniac

Las Vegas’s famous Ballooniac is a celebrity at family events here and across the globe. He mixes balloon art, silliness, music, and antics to entertain audiences of all ages.

In addition to his wacky Balloon Variety Show, The Ballooniac twists balloons at events all over Las Vegas and New York City, and teaches balloon art at camps and schools and libraries. His balloon kits are sold worldwide, and songs are played in cars everywhere. Book the Ballooniac today!

The Ballooniac’s Gallery