Tawney Bubbles

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“Tawney is guaranteed to inflate your event”

Tawney BubblesTawney Bubbles is an award-winning balloon artist who performs regularly in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York, as well as recent appearances in Nashville, Belgium, China and at The White House.

Tawney’s blend of humor and art is guaranteed to make your event shine. Her shows are a fantastic fusion of magic, balloons, and mayhem. Whether she’s drilling holes through balloons, making crazy hats out of them, or even climbing inside them, it’s guaranteed that you’ll love this unusual display of chaos and laughter.

About | Gallery | Testimonials

Here are some pictures of Tawney in action

About | Gallery | Testimonials

Reviews and Accolades

From a recent customer:  On a simple phone call 11 hours before an event being held for children battling cancer I became enamored with Tawney.  Not only did this friendly stranger volunteer her talents for the kids, I felt like I was speaking with a dear old friend.  The next morning, she arrived dressed as colorfully as a rainbow and with an energy that enchanted every child (and adult) in the building.  We ended up with 3 times as many kids as expected and Tawney was the only balloon artist in sight.  Her hands twisted feverishly making amazing creations for every child in attendance, but more impressively, she managed to make every kid feel special while she was at it.  Her “sunshine” is infectious, and more importantly, sincere.  What Tawney can do with balloons is awe inspiring, but the real magic is her…  Tawney was the highlight of our event and I will be recommending her to everyone I know.  Erica Linz,
President/Artistic Director of Circus Couture