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Sept 7 Show

After returning from a summer off, our Back to School show was a huge success. Thank you everyone for coming out and showing our performers such great love. Audra Rox and Jennifer Milich took us all on a subway ride while they rocked the house with their amazing songs that had everyone singing along, dancing, jumping and soaring around Jalopy Theatre….

Chihuly Yellow Glass Tree

Glass or Balloons?

Don’t miss the Chihuly museum in Seattle – it’s inspirational!


Melissa’s NYC Balloon Class was a success

Melissa Vinson came to NYC to teach an intense balloon class to our community of balloon professionals via our Balloon Academy.  Her July 21st class a huge success, with students coming from all over the tri-state area and even Hawaii!  Melissa taught her very popular Linky Buddy balloon designs using example of a clown, panda bear, baby girl and boy, and a pig….



30,000 balloons + hundreds of volunteers came together to create a huge balloon space shuttle in Houston, TX. On July 12th, a crew of ten balloon-artists and hundreds of volunteers completed “The BalloonShuttle” for the Transplant Games of America in Houston, TX (in 97°F heat)!  The massive shuttle, rocket, and external fuel cells was one of the largest balloon sculptures in history….


Refinery 29

Refinery 29 Company Meeting Yesterday Tristen and Todd were special guests at Refinery29’s annual meeting. We mixed, mingled, and entertained the teams with creative balloons. As expected by a leading fashion and lifestyle company, lots of event pics ended up flying all over various social media sites. Here are some of the pics they shared:          …


June 1 Show

Little Laffs’ first season ended with a BANG (or at least a big POP) on June 2nd. Filled with amazing local talent, our finale featured MC Twistin’ Todd Neufeld, who also showcased some fabulous balloon magic and daring juggling feats, mystifying magician David Levitan, and musical Mary Jo Poppins of Toddler Time with Mary Jo. With the help of the…

Twisted Balloon Drop

Twisted Balloon Drop

“hundreds of balloon animals descended onto the stage” – Brian Ives from  Dropping 3,000 balloon animals a night for The Roots’  … And Then You  Shoot Your Cousin release concert was a big task, but the final effect was worth it.  There were logistical challenges to master, and a number of people have asked how we pulled it off. First, we have a great team…

Questlove on Drums

The Roots’ Album Release Party

“a flurry of balloon animals exploded from the venue’s rafters onto the crowd” On May 13th and 14th we helped The Roots  launch their new album, … And Then You Shoot Your Cousin with a massive twisted balloon drop of 3,000 balloon animals per night. The Roots created an “opera” instead of a traditional album listening party. It was an artistic…