Buster Balloon

“The #1 balloon twister in America”  – Jeff Koons

Buster Balloon posing with ElvisBuster does not simply twist balloons, he creates life long memories. Whether he is creating a fairy princess costume for a 5 year old, or building a life sized replica of your CEO’s prized Harley, Buster’s charm, wit, and warmth along with his world class creations leave a lasting impression, long after the balloons themselves are gone.

Most importantly, Buster’s performances are always appropriate. So whether it is a product launch in Tokyo, a trade show in Las Vegas, or your company’s holiday party, Buster always puts your company’s image first.

Hailed by fans and colleagues alike as one of the most innovative minds in the balloon industry today, Buster Balloon has spent the last 10 years traveling the world teaching his unique concepts and creations at nearly every major conference and industry event. Buster has also created 12 best selling instructional DVDs, and his work has been published in Magic Magazine, Balloon Magic Magazine, Funny Paper, and Balloon Images. He has received both The Ralph Dewey Balloon Excellence Award and The David Grist Memorial Life Time Achievement Award among many others, but his proudest moment is still the time that he ate an entire box of Cap’ N Crunch Cereal in one sitting.

“Between his fans and those who just blatantly rip off his material, Buster Balloon may be the single most influential balloon artist in the world today.” -Todd Neufeld, The Twisted Balloon Company

Based out of Southern California, Buster Balloon performs all over the world including Japan, Korea, and The Netherlands. He was named Best Balloon Entertainer by Los Angeles Magazine.

Here are some of his favorite balloon pics: