Balloon Obama at the White House

picture of President Obama admiring a balloon flower

Todd, John, Kenwyn, and Tara had the honor to entertain at the White House’s 2012 Independence Day celebration. This was the fourth year in a row that we’ve been invited to this event. We quickly went to work building two eye-catching balloon sculptures: A patriotic balloon dress and a flag with a balloon caricature of the president.

The Lightness Photo Collection

I recently collaborated with the brilliant photographer ShuHui Yang on a photoshoot for the fashion journal Zink Magazine.  The collection is called “The Lightness” and combines fashion, color, and texture to create amazing images.  

“Balloon Mania Time” on HGTV

Todd with Dina Manzo and Danielle

No matter what area of show business you’re in, it’s always gratifying to sit back and watch your own work on the tube. On June 21st, I got a call from the people behind Dina’s Party, an HGTV program that features Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo helping various people plan unique bashes … Read more

In the Wall Street Journal

The front-page of the October 7, 2009 WSJ has a nice article about the ever-changing field of balloon artistry. Todd, along with several of his friends, is featured in the piece: Hyperinflation: Balloon Twisters Stretch the Limits of Latex Art

Twisting Balloons in China

Twistin’ Todd is currently performing in Hangzou, China for Golden Week (celebrating China’s 60th anniversary). He is performing on the “Big Stage” every morning, building exhibition/display pieces throughout the day, and also strolling in “Interactive Land” with the thousands of Chinese visitors to the festival. Here is a short video of Todd strolling with a … Read more